Taylor K Schulze

I am a 3D artist who is currently studying computer animation at the University of Colorado Denver. Take a moment to explore my portfolio below and don’t hesitate to reach out if you’d like to learn more.


Spring 2019

Modeling Reel

Pixar Reel

PUP 2017



I was born and raised in small-town Texas, and I am currently living in Downtown Denver. I am studying computer animation and through this have developed a deep love for 3D modeling. I work at my school's animation lab where I troubleshoot problems that students run into in our pipeline and teach students animation concepts and skills. Additionally, I had the fantastic opportunity, as a sophomore, to live and work in the Bay area as a technical Intern in Pixar's Undergraduate Program (PUP), where I worked in every step of the pipeline and further developed my skills. I am a senior graduating in May of 2019 who is currently looking for a job.


Renderman Article:
"2017 Pixar Undergraduate Program"

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